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B&B Acropolis’ rooms are placed in a nineteenth-century building completely modernized and located in Agropoli city centre, at the feet of one of the flight of steps that carries you to the fascinated historic centre. The facility, opened in the summer 2011, has a lot of comforts such as the lift and, under request, a parking area. The rooms “Palo” and "Ercula", have a balcony right on Piazza delle Mercanzie where is placed the Bar Nazionale, that every morning will make a delicious breakfast on demand among the scrumptious dishes like “bocconotti”: sweets stuffed with cream and cherries. “Petra” has been defined by a lot of guests the “love’s room” due to its colour match among the furniture,  curtains and the walls that make a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Is our habit, for our new guests, to place a fresh fruit basket picked up before the arrival. The sea’s smell, the colors’ suggestion and the taste of healthy and good food made and grown up in this land mixed up with the home hospitality and courtesy, will make your staying unforgettable.

The ancient Greeks used to pass through our promontory owing to their commercial needs with the locals also thanking to the boat approach possibilities at that times on the mouth of Testene river that got Licina bay. During the Sixth century they rose an Artemision, a Temple in Phoebe’s (the hunt’s Goddess) honor. The ancients gave the Greek work “PETRA”, promontory, as the name of the area where was built the Temple.


ERCULA, in memory of the Hero who in his trip to Sicily would have crossed our fantastic area. Ercula was made between the I century BC and the V century AD, by mixing two particolar events. The first one, totally natural, that of the sand covering due to the coastal bradyseism in the near port of the ancient Posidonia. The second event took place during the Roman Empire when, the interests started to decrease to be more concentrated on the coast line where today is located San Marco di Agropoli.


The first clues regarding to the presence of people on Agropoli’s promontory are dated to The Stone Age (Neolithic) but, during the only in the Protohistoric Age  we have a real human settlement on the highest part occupied by the Castel. This area was called PALO,  from the meaning of “ hill protrusion ” and the locals were expert hunters and fishermen. Moreover it was already an ancient tradition to celebrate some Divinities before the Greeks with ERACLE and PHOEBE and then the Roman ones with HERCULES and and Diana by the Romans.

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